Prolotherapy For Knee Pain

Knee Osteoarthritis is one of the most prevalent conditions resulting in disability, particularly in the elderly and one of the most common forms of osteoarthritis.

This is because the knee is a weight bearing joint and thus more vulnerable to deterioration than other joints of the body. Obesity and long term activities requiring repetitive bending and deep squats are the main risk factors for developing degenerative knee conditions.

The knee is also very commonly injured acutely while playing sports, which can eventually lead to osteoarthritis.

Routine and conventional medical treatments approach knee pain as most other osteoarthritic conditions. The usual fare of anti-inflammatories, physical therapy and referral to orthopedic surgery for either an arthroscopy and or consideration of joint replacement is commonplace. This approach includes long wait time and has done little to solve the epidemic and is not without failure and complication. This is a growing and costly problem, which will only increase with the weight and age of our population.

Knee osteoarthritis has a profound effect on the quality of life, affecting both physical function and psychological parameters.

Knee OA is not a localized disease of cartilage alone, but is considered as a chronic disease of the whole joint including supporting and stabilizing ligaments and tendons.

Prolotherapy is a viable non-surgical option for various degenerative conditions and pathologies affecting the knee.

Prolotherapy treatments provide a safe, very effective and often permanent solution to addressing a wide range of joint pain caused by chronic medical conditions, such as osteoarthritis as well as injuries from accidents.

No wonder why professional athletes are using it exclusively to manage their injuries.

The aim of prolotherapy for the knee is to stabilize the joint by stimulating the body to repair and regenerate ligamentous tissue.

Because the knee is a hinge joint it must maintain integrity to work effectively. A blow to either side of the knee can lead to laxity and greatly compromise function, leading to excessive movement and frictional forces within and resultant deterioration or osteoarthritis.

Patients, who have undergone Prolotherapy treatment procedures at Regenera for knee pain have noticed progressive and a significant improvement in function, with a reduction or complete and permanent elimination of pain and stiffness without the use of drugs or surgery.

Furthermore, our patients have showed marked improvement in their walking and mobility abilities, a reduction in the reliance on medications, and improved athletic abilities.

There has been a general and widespread expression of gratitude with a more positive outlook and reduced feelings of depression and anxiety after treatments.

We use a number of different proliferants to get the best possible results which are custom chosen for each individual patient. Please refer to the Proliferant section of our website to get better acquainted with the products available. You may also refer to the research evidence supporting prolotherapy for knee osteoarthritis.

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