Questions About Prolotherapy

Questions about Prolotherapy Injection Treatments

It is common and encouraged for patients to ask questions about Prolotherapy treatments.
Practitioners need to take the time to answer patient questions so as to create trust, comfort and satisfaction.

Comprehensive Prolotherapy treatment programs include multiple injections during each treatment session and should include the following,

  • Physicians should educate and assist patients in improving overall health status.
  • Products and solutions should be carefully selected in each case to induce the healing responses in each affected area.
  • The injection should induce a healing response through the use of adequate amounts of solution per affected area.
  • All affected areas should be treated.
  • Patients should be educated on expectations, aftercare and supported nutritionally to maximize the results from the treatment, with the aim to reduce, and eventually stop medications, that can be toxic and can inhibit the healing process.

Utmost care should be employed to ensure absolute patient comfort during the Prolotherapy experience. Injection is expected, however can be managed with local anesthetics. Usually the first session is the worst due to lack of comfort. Pain at subsequent sessions usually improves as the area heals and patients get more comfortable. Some patients can experience a higher level of discomfort, while others might report little, to no discomfort, whatsoever.

Regenera Offers Options to Eliminate or Lessen Pain during Injection Treatments

The level of discomfort and pain experienced during Prolotherapy injection treatments is largely dependent upon an individual’s tolerance for pain and their overall condition. Practitioners that are more experienced tend to cause less pain from injections. This is partly due to technique, speed and distraction.

Many of our patients are surprised at how little pain is experienced and how quickly their treatments are over.

There are various methods to limit the pain experienced from Prolotherapy injections. They range from simple medications to more natural deep breathing exercises and/or use of a stress ball.

However, many of our patients require no additional medication or numbing agents prior to or after the treatments. The following are options for pain management during treatment.

  • Local Anesthesia – The area being treated can be numbed prior to the start of treatment.
  • Pre-Treatment Medication – For some patients, they might have to take medication a few hours prior to treatment to help relieve anxiety and discomfort.
  • Natural Relaxation Techniques – For patients, you prefer natural pain relief solutions, we recommend topical and aromatic essential oils applied to areas of the skin not being treated or using meditative techniques during the procedure.
  • Lidocaine Skin Cream – This type of skin cream can be applied shortly prior to treatment and is beneficial for reducing pain as the needle pierces the skin, which is normally the most uncomfortable part of treatment for most patients.

In cases where Prolotherapy injections are being administered to multiple areas in one session, or in more sensitive areas of the body, or for those, who have already expressed their pain scale is “10 out of 10,” these types of patients do prefer some form of sedation, medication, numbing, or nitrous prior to their injection treatments.

Regenera has treated numerous patients, who have had a fear of needles. Time spent educating and preparing these patients in addition to pain relief measures has proven to be very effective in helping them overcome their fears.

Once people align with the goals of Prolotherapy injection treatments to reduce and eliminate joint pain and discomfort, most of them realize that minor discomfort far outweighs any anxiety or aversion to needles, especially since we provide solutions to lessen pain and discomfort during treatments.

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