The Treatment Goals of Prolotherapy

Patients often want to know what the goals of Prolotherapy injection treatments are and how these can benefit them. The following are the primary objectives of Prolotherapy injections.

Pain control

Pain is usually the primary reason for Prolotherapy injection treatments. A decrease in pain after a prolotherapy treatment, indicates successful identification and management of the source. Pain control is the most important benefit of Prolotherapy and should be used more regularly both for pain management and prevention.

Improvement in Function

Prolotherapy injection treatments work to improve function through stabilization of joints, thereby reducing soft tissue burden.

  • Patients often experience an improved ability to return to baseline activities shortly after treatment.
  • Patient have commonly reported a renewed ability to perform activities they were unable to do prior to treatment.

Patients are encouraged to continue with Prolotherapy treatments, even as they notice an improvement with functioning. For instance, if a patient was unable to climb stairs without experiencing pain before treatment, but now can walk up several flights either with a reduction or no pain, it indicates Prolotherapy treatments are helping.

Reduction in Stiffness

Stiffness is usually a key part of most musculoskeletal conditions. Stiffness indicates inflammation and is usually from a muscular source in attempt to stabilize a lax joint. Once joints are stabilized with prolotherapy, soft tissue such as muscles are able to relax, thus allowing inflammation to subside through the clearance of inflammatory debris. Patients commonly report a substantial reduction of joint stiffness 72 hours after the treatment. Improvement in stiffness is a good measure of improved stability.

Improved Strength

Injury to muscles and joints invariably leads to reduction in strength. Whether due to pain or intrinsic fault, compromised strength is likely the body’s defense mechanism to prevent further injury. Prolotherapy initiates a biocellular regenerative response that repairs damaged tissue allowing a faster return to baseline.

Pain, Function, Stiffness and Weakness are all independent and interrelated factors of injury. Prolotherapy targets all these variables at the source by stimulating and initiating the body’s natural healing cascade, without the need for ineffective toxic, systemic medication and or surgery.

When used effectively, the physical exam is able to determine the source of the pain and other factors at play and help the prolotherapist formulate a treatment protocol. Exam findings also tell much about response to and effectiveness of treatment.

While imaging such as Xrays and MRI can be helpful in determining the abnormality, when present, the absence of findings doesn’t rule out a problem. Simply put, a negative MRI doesn’t mean you don’t have a problem. However, advanced imaging techniques such as MRI do make for more focused treatments and effective delivery of high yield cellular therapies into problem areas. As much as repeat imaging can also be extremely valuable in objectively measuring improvements after prolotherapy, Relying upon MRIs and X-rays as indications of how effective Prolotherapy injections are working is a poor indicator, as minute degenerative changes in tendons, ligaments, and cartilage can be evasive on imaging. In some cases, minor improvements could be seen in test results, but they should never be used solely as a measure to determine the effectiveness of treatments. Often the resolution of your symptoms tell much more about how you are really doing.

Please keep in mind, the results experienced by patients can and do vary, based upon their medical diagnosis, injury, and other such factors.

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