What Is Prolotherapy?

Why don’t Anti-inflammatory medications and or Steroids work?

Inflammation is how we heal. Inhibiting inflammation, inhibits healing.

What else can these drugs do? 

Simple non steroidal anti-inflammatories lead to gastric ulcers and kidney problems.

Steroidal antinflammatories remain in the body for months and lead to further joint destruction.

Why don’t Opiod medications work?

Opiods relax the muscles, allowing more laxity with no local effect on the injury.

Opiods are also very highly addictive which has lead to major medical and social problems internationally.

Your growing dissatisfaction with conventional measures is why you are here.

Regenera is pleased to offer you Prolotherapy, an alternative method for treating your musculoskeletal related pain

Prolotherapy is considered a regenerative injection treatment method and can be an ideal alternative to:

  • Surgery
  • Anti-inflammatories
  • Pain Medications
  • Steroid Injections

Prolotherapy is a form of treatment that hinges on the body’s ability to heal itself.

Prolotherapy has been widely practiced since the 1950’s but only now gaining new popularity among patients and practitioners looking for real and permanent results for injury, pain and disability.

Prolo in prolotherapy indicates proliferation. Proliferation is the process of cell multiplication.

Proliferation is how the body heals damaged tissue, specifically fibrosis of collagen in ligaments and tendons.

Prolotherapy can employ many different solutions to create proliferation.

Proliferants always act as irritants which initiate the wound healing cascade process microscopically.

Addition of a proliferant such as dextrose leads to the following.

  • Irritation
  • Local Inflammation
  • Platelet Attraction
  • Growth Factor Deposition
  • Stem cell activation and Attraction to site of injection/injury
  • Clearance and Remodelling
  • New Collagen Formation for ligament regeneration.

Once the collagen matures, it shortens, resulting in ligament/tendon tightening which leads to increase in stability and strength.

This converts a loose, unstable joint to a better supported one, thus removing the burden on soft tissue such as chronically fatigued muscles and often nerve impingement.

Imagining to ride a bicycle with loose bolts is a simple and effective way of thinking how about a body reacts to joint laxity, which would likely lead to extreme fatigue and potential for injury.

Prolotherapy treatment can be beneficial for almost anyone suffering from musculoskeletal related pain.

Prolotherapy is an affordable and safe option, which allows you to remain active, mobile, and work, as well as participate in physical fitness training.

Prolotherapy is aimed at giving you permanent results without the need for harmful medications and surgeries.

Prolotherapy treatment is largely based on the specific technique used, the agents used vary in practitioner preference and indication.

What Is In Prolotherapy Injections?

Anytime a joint sustains injury, the natural body response is to release dextrose to initiate the healing system in the affected area.

Dextrose triggers an increase in the number of inflammatory cells that help to speed and boost healing.

This is why we start with dextrose.

Dextrose is also simple, effective and economical.

Basic dextrose prolotherapy solution usually includes varying concentrations of dextrose, a small quantity of either lidocaine or procaine and sterile water. Both the dextrose and lidocaine helps relieve pain in the affected area, and eases any discomfort experienced from the treatment procedure.

Normally, patients report a reduction in pain immediately following treatment.

In cases where the patient requires a much stronger healing stimulation reaction, ingredients may be added to our dextrose-based solutions.

There are 7 main proliferant categories used in Prolotherapy.  Although we mainly use dextrose and cellular methods, others may be occasionally used by our team when we feel it is necessary.

  • Osmotic Shock Agents: Hypertonic Dextrose and Glycerine
  • Chemotactic Agents: Fatty Acid Derivative Morrhuate Sodium, Sylnasol (sodium psylliate), a five percent solution of fatty acid,
  • Minerals: Manganese, Zinc
  • Natural agents: Sarapin (pitcher’s plant), Pumice (volcanic ash)
  • Cofactors- Glucosamine and Chondroitin
  • Ozone gas- Prolozone
  • Cellular Therapies
    • Platelet Rich Plasma
    • Adult Derived Autologous Stem Cells
    • Placental Tissue Matrix

Dextrose in its hypertonic form causes the irritation leading to its proliferative effect.

Dextrose (sugar water), is safe, economical and very effective. Dextrose does not effect blood sugar levels.

Dextrose is extremely safe and water-soluble, they are easily excreted from the body after having their initial desired effect. They work by causing cells to lose water, which leads to Inflammation and the subsequent stimulation of the healing response.

There are a number of other types of solutions used in the practice of Prolotherapy which have shown success in the treatment of chronic musculoskeletal pain.

Although the mechanism varies, the final result is the same which leads to a natural effective regenerative process that builds new tissue and stabilizes joints.

All of the solutions used in Prolotherapy are designed to have short and longterm effect, which is as a result of the anesthetic, proliferant combination of anesthetic and proliferant qualities.

The anesthetic agent acts to help alleviate the pain immediately allowing the treatment to be more comfortable and acts a location diagnostic indicator. The proliferant agent acts to initiate the healing cascade which leads to strengthened ligaments, tendons and joint stability.

Many of the chemotactic irritants as above, trigger the healing process by attaching themselves to the walls of the cells wherever they are injected. This causes irritation that stimulates the body’s reactive healing process.

Natural agents such as pumice flour are microscopic particles that attract macrophage cells, which consume them and  in turn secreting polypetide growth factors that result in collagen production.

Besides these general differences, the specific combinations of chemicals and substances used are as varied as the schools” of Prolotherapy using them.

Some practitioners add co-factors, such as the anti-oxidant mineral manganese, or a combination of glucosamine sulfate and condroitin sulfate which is believed to aid in the repair of arthritic joints, or other co-factors believed to increase the efficacy of the compounds they are used with.

The most important variable of all, however, is the ability and experience of the therapist chosen.  Besides being a licensed medical doctor, it is important to choose a practitioner that is experienced.  One who educates the patient and approaches the problem holistically considering all factors relating to the problem.

It is not our duty to cure, but rather to entice the body into curing itself.

Scientific research studies of Prolotherapy injections, with different solutions have shown an improved inflammatory healing reaction, with an increase in capillary and fibroblastic proliferation, as well as enhanced tissue growth stimulation.

Further research conducted on ligaments, tendons, and joints treated with Prolotherapy injections have resulted in an increase in mass, thickness, and strength.  

Prolotherapy treatments used in any joint in the body.  Common areas treated are

  • Neck
  • Spine
  • Sacroiliac Joints
  • Peripheral Joints
  • Temporomandibular Joints
  • Neck
  • Low Back
  • Shoulder
  • Knee
  • Elbow
  • Hands/Wrists

Prolotherapy is also a great way to prevent injuries and chronic degenerative conditions, to keep you living an active healthy lifestyle.

Regenera’s objective is to help eliminate the confusion about Prolotherapy treatments and help you understand more about our injection treatment process. Please continue reading the other sections for more details and information about Prolotherapy regenerative injection treatments and how it could benefit you.

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